The new LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT system includes the software NXT-G. Included into the graphical development system you can find some RIC files with different graphics which can be used for displaying it on the NXT screen. Most users consider the RIC files as normal graphical files like JPEG, BMP or GIF. Only a minority group of users are aware about the hidden potential which comes with the RIC files. RIC files donít contain only bitmaps! There is also some high level graphical instructions inside like line, rectangle, output of numerical values and you also can define transfer routines for parameter values.


With the default language NXT-G you canít use this potential because itís not possible to forward additional parameter for the usage of the RIC files. But with NBC/NXC, a textual programming language, you will be able to use all system functions which are already implemented inside the standard firmware. This is the reason that you only can use the extended RIC files, which are created with nxtRICeditV2, together with programming languages or development environments for the NXT which support parameters for using RIC files!


Maybe you canít see the advantages of RIC files yet Ė but the leak of knowledge will be closed on the following pages and by using of the new nxtRICeditV2.


The first version of nxtRICedit is limited only to three of nine available RIC elements. Enough for creating simple RIC files for bringing some graphical pictures on the NXT screen.


The new nxtRICeditV2 is able to create any kind of sequence of RIC elements for creating more complex RIC files:



Additionally the new version of nxtRICeditV2 include some new features which were not available in old version:

The new nxtRICeditV2 includes an additional feature for simulate the usage of RIC files on PC:



This example shows how you can display a complete chessboard with history of moves and user interface by using a single call of a RIC file. The size of the used RIC file is only 2939 bytes, contain 119 RIC elements and use more than 100 parameters.



Modification of parameter values will be shown in real time and the display will be automatically updated.